The collection, sorting and compacting waste before recycling become the solution for our societies to reconcile economic growth and environmental protection. Thanks to Nielsen, you can compact the waste, save up to 90% more space, save money and protect the environment. We call it: :

Bulk is costly and clumsy:
do you know that you store and transport 70% of air by throwing bulk wastes in an bin or a container?
Do you know that discharging your packaging wastes costs you 50 to 100 € / ton ?
Do you know that after sorting and compacting cardboard can sell up to 110 € / ton and plastic up to 420 € / ton

Recycling preserves the nature:
Do you know that recycling one ton of waste paper saves 3 tons of oil?
Do you know that recycling 1 kg of aluminum can save 8 kg of bauxite, 4 kg of chemicals and 14 kWh of electricity?
Do you know that recycling one ton of paper saves 2.5 tons of wood?
Did you know that in addition, each sheet of recycled paper saves 1 liter of water and 2.5 wd electricity?
Do you know a cellulosic fiber can undergo seven recycling cycles requiring two times less energy and three times less water than when manufactured from wood? Think about it when you take a sheet of paper..

Let us rise to the challenge to make compatible the economic benefits and environmental preservation is eco living.

By installing a NIELSEN® press close to the waste places, you can make a profitable investment and give a second life to your wastes.


There is indeed:



Less volume to store or discharge

More savings

Less trims and wastes

More value to your wastes by recycling

Less risks (fire or accidents)

More turnover and profits

Less handling

More storage place

Less internal transport costs or by truck

Cleaner and tidier spaces

Less containers or bins

More waste tracking (quantities and sorts)

Less rental costs for skips and compactors

More conscientious approach to the environment

Less raw material extracted from natural resources

Less pollution

Let's value your waste...